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Intelligent security harness connection application solution

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Intelligent security refers to the information technology of service, image transmission and storage technology. Intelligent security information technology takes off in a new field. The informatization of application services, image transmission and storage design require that the software design should have high quality and reliability.

With the development and progress of science and technology and the take-off of information technology in the 21st century, intelligent security technology has entered a new field. The boundary between intelligent security technology and computer is gradually disappearing. Without security technology, the society will appear restless, and the progress and development of world science and technology will be affected.

With the popularization and application of Internet of things technology, urban security has evolved from a simple security protection system in the past to a comprehensive urban system. Urban security projects cover many fields, including streets and communities, building construction, banks and post offices, road monitoring, motor vehicles, police officers, mobile objects, ships, etc. Especially for important places, such as airports, docks, hydropower plants, bridges, dams, rivers, subways and other places, after the introduction of Internet of things technology, all-round three-dimensional protection can be established by means of wireless mobile, tracking and positioning. It is a comprehensive system that takes into account the application of the overall urban management system, environmental protection monitoring system, traffic management system and emergency command system. Especially with the rise of the Internet of vehicles, it can track and locate more quickly and accurately in public transport management, vehicle accident handling and vehicle theft prevention. It can also obtain more accurate disaster and accident information, road flow information, vehicle location information, public facility safety information, meteorological information and other information sources through vehicles anytime and anywhere.

The development of intelligent security technology has made remarkable achievements. With the prominent needs of enterprises and residential areas, digital intelligent security is currently facing new development opportunities. Due to the particularity of digital intelligent security industry, the state has always given policy encouragement to the development of intelligent security industry. In order to solve the security problems of enterprises and residential areas, the Ministry of construction and the Ministry of public security have successively signed and issued a variety of relevant documents to strengthen the intelligent security facilities of enterprises and residential areas.

Since entering the new century, our country has begun to implement the project of creating safety through science and technology, and one of the most important contents is to make the safety and tranquility of enterprises and residential areas, and strengthen the construction of intelligent security facilities in enterprises and residential areas by means of science and technology. In 2003, a sudden SARS attack on China, in order to reduce the probability of infection due to contact, the government departments urged people to try not to go out. At this time, digital information helped people to watch news, online shopping, online learning and even online meetings and offices on the computer network. On the basis of the original security facilities, relevant communities have established an intelligent community security network to prevent SARS. And basically, it can find, deal with and alarm in time. Most importantly, through this SARS epidemic, we have strengthened people's deep understanding of intelligent security information, which is undoubtedly of great significance for the development of intelligent security.

The 2008 Beijing Olympic Games undoubtedly provided people with an excellent opportunity. The Beijing municipal government put forward the slogan of "Green Olympics, high-tech Olympics and people's Olympics", and science and technology is an important connotation. In terms of intelligent living environment of sports venues and athletes, intelligent security must be a key and important link.

The main connotation of intelligent security technology is the informatization of its related contents and services, image transmission and storage, data storage and processing, and so on. In terms of intelligent security, a complete intelligent security system mainly includes access control, alarm and monitoring.

From the perspective of products, it shall have anti-theft alarm system, video monitoring alarm system, entrance and exit control alarm system, security guard patrol alarm system, GPS vehicle alarm management system and 110 alarm network transmission system, etc. These subsystems can be set separately and operate independently, can also be centrally monitored by the central control room, and can also be integrated and centrally monitored with other integrated systems.

Anti theft alarm system is divided into perimeter defense, defense in building area, defense in open area of unit and enterprise, defense of physical equipment and equipment in unit and enterprise, etc. The front-end equipment of the system is various types of alarm sensors or detectors; The terminal of the system is display / control / communication equipment, which can be controlled by independent alarm controller or alarm center console. No matter what control method is adopted, the illegal intrusion in the fortified area must be reviewed and alarmed in real time, reliably and correctly. Leakage alarm is absolutely not allowed to occur, and false alarm should be reduced to an acceptable limit. Considering that the personnel on duty are vulnerable to the force threat and robbery of the perpetrator, the system shall set an emergency alarm button and reserve an interface connected with 110 Alarm Center.

The video monitoring and alarm system is routinely used in the main public places and important parts of buildings for real-time monitoring, video recording and image review during alarm. The front end of the video monitoring and alarm system is a variety of cameras, video detection alarms and related auxiliary equipment; The terminal equipment of the system is display / recording / control equipment, and independent video monitoring center console or monitoring alarm center console is generally adopted. The video monitoring and alarm system for security shall be linked with the anti-theft alarm system and the entrance and exit control system, and shall be centrally managed and monitored by the central control room. For the video monitoring alarm system operating independently, the screen display can be programmed, automatically or manually switched. The screen must have the information display of camera number, address, time, date and so on, and can automatically switch the on-site screen to the designated monitor for display. The important monitoring screen shall be able to be recorded for a long time. Such systems shall be equipped with emergency alarm button and communication interface with 110 alarm center networking.

The entrance and exit control alarm system is an automatic system that uses modern electronic information technology to release, reject, record and alarm the entry and exit of people (or things) at the entrance and exit of buildings. This operating system is usually composed of entrance and exit target identification system, entrance and exit information management system and entrance and exit control actuator. The front-end equipment of the system is various entrance and exit target recognition devices and door lock opening and closing actuators; The transmission mode adopts special line or network transmission; The terminal equipment of the system is display / control / communication equipment, which usually adopts independent access controller, and can also implement centralized monitoring on each access controller through computer network. Generally, the entrance and exit control alarm system should be linked with anti-theft alarm system, closed-circuit video monitoring alarm system and fire protection system, so as to effectively realize safety prevention. Entrance and exit target recognition system can be divided into human recognition and object recognition. Taking human recognition as an example, it can be divided into biometric system and coding mark recognition system.

A complete intelligent video surveillance security system also includes security personnel patrol alarm system, visitor alarm system and other intelligent security systems. The patrol alarm system monitors and records the patrol movement status (punctuality, order, etc.) of security personnel by using the pass card reader through the pre prepared security patrol software, and alarms in time for accidents. The visitor alarm system enables the personnel living in the building to have two-way or visual communication with the visitors. The personnel living in the building can remotely open or close the entrance door or unit door in the building, and can timely report to the security center in case of accidents.

Other intelligent security systems are set up according to the needs of special security management. For example, GPS vehicle alarm management system and 110 alarm network transmission system must also implement comprehensive management such as access control, monitoring, driving signal indication and parking billing for vehicle crossings in the garage (or parking lot, etc.); In addition, for example, the security system of important warehouses must carry out effective entrance and exit control, anti-theft, monitoring control and management for important warehouses in buildings.

Development prospect

With the development and progress of science and technology, the take-off of information technology in the 21st century has entered a new field. The boundary between intelligent security technology and computer is gradually disappearing. Without security technology, the society will appear restless, and the progress and development of world science and technology will be affected. The measurement of intelligent security technology must be carried out correctly according to the methods of national safety standards and relevant specifications, and based on the relevant specified standard limit parameters.

With the development of intelligent security technology, the workload of security intelligent information technology is becoming larger and more complex. At the same time, the automatic test system has brought the development of digital security technology to a new level. Automatic test system technology is a novel technology that organically combines computer technology, communication technology and detection technology. In nearly half a century, the development and evolution of the combination of automatic test system technology and intelligent security technology has experienced three periods:

(a) . assembly period: an intelligent security control test system integrating a variety of program controllers with different functions and a variety of input and output circuits with different functions. The development, design and manufacturing cost of this intelligent security control test system is high and maintenance is difficult. It has certain limitations in the application of intelligent security technology.

(b) Standardized interface test period: this kind of security test system applies special interfaces to implement the change of test functions as needed. It is not only easy to build, but also flexible to use and excellent performance, so it has been widely used.

(c) PC (personal computer based instrument) microcomputer testing period: the "virtual instrument" security testing technology combined with microcomputer and communication technology has raised the security system to a new level and had a great impact on the theory and application methods of security testing technology.

Therefore, we can clearly see that virtual instrument security testing technology will eventually become the development direction and inevitable trend of intelligent security technology.

Digital design requirements

When establishing the intelligent security system, the international common bus and interface must be adopted, and the open modular structure must be adopted for software and hardware, so that the whole intelligent security system has good interchangeability and interoperability, and the system has a high degree of standardization, so as to be compatible with many types of virtual instrument related components, and easy to modify, update and upgrade. The software design must meet the following requirements:

1. The software shall be designed with high quality and reliability;

2. The software shall be designed with high quality and efficiency;

3. The software shall maintain portability between different platforms and different operating systems, maximum compatibility and interchangeability between different test interfaces and universality between different test systems.

The design of the above software not only has high requirements, but also the following key technologies must be applied in the design:

(1) In order to ensure the portability between different platforms and different operating systems, a software development environment conforming to VPP (vxiplug & play) specification must be adopted.

(2) Adopt the structure technology of virtual instrument software visa software to ensure the maximum compatibility and interchangeability between different test interfaces.

(3) VPP (vxiplug & play) is adopted to standardize the driver structure of the software to ensure good compatibility and universality of the instrument driver.

(4) Apply open database ODBC interconnection technology and SQL database query language to ensure the universality of the software.

(5) Apply the design method of module software structure to improve the flexibility, portability and maintainability of system software, so as to reduce the complex performance of the system.

With the continuous growth of China's economy and the continuous improvement of people's living standards, especially the improvement of material living standards, people can no longer be satisfied with the traditional living environment. People pay more and more attention to their personal safety and property safety, and put forward higher requirements for the safety of people, families and small residential areas; At the same time, with the rapid development of economy and the rapid increase of urban floating population, new problems have been added to urban social security. In order to ensure the safety of the community and prevent the occurrence of theft and robbery, we must have our own security system. The security mode of civil air defense is difficult to meet our requirements, and intelligent security has become the current development trend; With the continuous progress of science and technology, the application of cutting-edge science and technology is becoming more and more common. 

Advanced technology and advanced experience at home and abroad have been widely used in all walks of life, and safety prevention is no exception.

Intelligent security shall be able to implement automatic monitoring and management of security system, and automatic alarm shall be implemented for residential fire and leakage of harmful gas; The fire alarm system shall mainly use smoke, temperature and combustible gas detectors; The anti-theft alarm system shall be equipped with various types of alarm detectors such as infrared or microwave.

Intelligent security development mainly includes the establishment and maintenance of back-end information database, the operation of communication port and the development of front-end application. The information database established by intelligent security has the characteristics of data consistency, integrity and security. The biggest advantage of intelligent security is that the hardware is simple, the information is transmitted in time, and it integrates defense, alarm, detection and recording. It has simple structure and wide application range, and can be used by any unit and individual.

New image quality debate

HD and megapixel cameras have become more and more popular. In 2012, the shipment of HD webcams exceeded that of SD webcams for the first time. Therefore, improving image quality has become the key battlefield for manufacturers to establish their own selling points.

Mobile video streaming media, mobile video surveillance

The popularity of intelligent mobile terminals provides convenience for controlling and seeing video surveillance images on tablets or mobile phones. This brings many advantages. For example, the police can directly guide the scene for more effective guidance.

Maintain the trend of simplification

In 2013, many network video surveillance providers targeted smaller markets to develop their business. Therefore, the products in 2013 need to be easier to install, operate and maintain.

Intelligent video surveillance

In 2011, IMS and the embedded vision alliance held an intelligent video conference in Los Angeles, bringing together engineers from the world's leading enterprises for discussion. In 2013, the technology of intelligent video surveillance will be more mature.

Private cloud - enterprise video surveillance system

IMS research predicts that private cloud will become the infrastructure of enterprise video surveillance system and will become a trend in the next few years. The private cloud provides the same advantages as the public cloud, including the provision of remote access with internet connection and the use of shared data processing and storage resources.

Remote video application

"Remote" has been a buzzword for video surveillance in 2012. Video surveillance as a service (vsaas), which can provide remote access, has become an increasingly important revenue for alarm operation service enterprises.

Chinese enterprises enter the international market

As one of the largest and fastest-growing markets in the world, China's video surveillance market has provided Chinese national enterprises with a solid foundation and can obtain growth opportunities in other regional markets in the world. China's major suppliers are emerging and changing the world security market.

Video surveillance system enters vertical industry

IMS research predicts that in 2013, video surveillance providers and PSIM platform providers will further enter the vertical industry to provide end users with services to meet the unique needs of the industry.

Analysis of video content under "big data"

"Big data" has always been a hot topic. In 2013, IMS research predicted that the analysis of big data will continue to grow.

Intelligent security harness connection application solution
The boundary between intelligent security technology and computer is gradually disappearing. Without security technology, the society will appear restless, and the progress and development of world sc
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