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Introduction to harness processing

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Whether in the main engine factory or parts factory, the harness processing process must be familiar to the harness engineer. For harness processing process, different harness manufacturers may have different process names, but they will not be separated from the following main process nodes, namely incoming inspection and warehousing, offline, crimping, sub packaging, assembly, inspection (appearance / size / electrical inspection, etc.) and packaging.

Each process has input and output, that is, relevant documents need to be prepared to guide the production of corresponding processes, such as offline table to guide offline crimping process.

Note: the off-line table is the off-line and crimping schedule, including various process parameters and requirements. In the process of wire harness production, the off-line workbench finally passes the blanking crimping process card to guide the operation of off-line crimping process and workshop production process.

Each process also needs to be checked. Batch processing can only be carried out after passing the inspection, and the process needs to be monitored at any time. For example, in the offline process, the first piece needs to be made first. The parameters of the first piece, such as line length and stripping, can pass the inspection before batch offline.

1. Offline (blanking) process

Definition: offline refers to the process of cutting, stripping and bundling conductors of different specifications according to design drawings and process documents.

Process: material preparation → equipment adjustment → first article inspection (measuring line length and stripping) → mass production (middle end inspection 100 points self inspection) → wiring → waiting for turnover.

Inspection: during off-line process, process parameters such as line length, full stripping head length, half stripping head length and opening length need to be measured.

2. Crimping process

Definition: the so-called crimping is the process of bonding wires and terminals together.

Process: material preparation → equipment adjustment → making the first piece → inspecting the first piece (measuring the crimping height and width with a micrometer) → mass production (inspecting 100 points at the middle end to check the crimping quality) → waiting for turnover.

Inspection: in the process of crimping, it is necessary to measure whether there is R angle, whether the visual range of core wire and insulating skin is within the tolerance range, whether the pressure parts of core wire and insulating skin are damaged, the degree of distortion of crimping and other process parameters.

3. Packaging (pre installation) process

Definition: pre assembly refers to the process of assembling semi-finished products together with sheath, pipe, rubber parts and other parts into new semi-finished products after rolling or crimping.

Process: prepare materials → insert once, listen twice and pull three times → install self-locking.

Inspection: complete the self inspection according to the process of one plug, two listen and three return.

4. Assembly (final assembly) process

The so-called assembly is the process of combining the rolled or crimped semi-finished products, pre assembled semi-finished products and other materials into the finished harness. A bundle of tape or ties is the harness.

5. Inspection process

The inspection process mainly includes appearance inspection, accessory inspection, function inspection, 100 point electrical inspection and image inspection.

Each finished product requires 100 points of electrical and visual inspection. Image inspection mainly detects the harness with fuse box to determine whether the insertion position of fuse and relay is correct. The function inspection table is mainly used to detect the working state of the relay in the harness and whether the relay can work normally. It also needs to detect the torque of the bolt in the fuse box.

6. Packaging technology

Packaging is the process of arranging and packaging wires neatly.

Support and seal the box → bind with nylon rope → pack and place neatly → seal with adhesive tape → paste the certificate of conformity and serial number → paste the packing tape → store in the warehouse.

Introduction to harness processing
Incoming inspection, warehousing, off-line, crimping, sub assembly, assembly, inspection (appearance / size / electrical inspection, etc.) and packaging.
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