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Dongguan Shungal Technology Co., Ltd. is a supplier focusing on providing customers with safe and reliable connection harness solutions. Over the years, thanks to the strong support of Huawei, Xiaomi, vivo, oppo, Bubugao, Netease, Didi, Changhong, Midea and other enterprises, Shungal brand connection harness of shungal can better provide you with high-quality services.

In order to ensure product quality and production efficiency, the company has introduced fully automatic high-speed line cutting, riveting and piercing rubber shell inspection integrated equipment, and fully automatic line cutting and tin dipping integrated equipment to ensure customer needs and maximize customer value.

At present, we provide customers with integrated harness connection solutions. From design, customization, OEM, ODM to production inspection and shipment, Shungal harness brand will escort you.

Focus on harness solutions

Provide safe and reliable systematic harness connection scheme for high-precision and cutting-edge fields, and continuously create value for partners with excellent product quality and customer-oriented service spirit.

Professional harness manufacturer

Over the years of development, we have introduced advanced integrated automation equipment. We always adhere to the international technical standards and take the lead in domestic peers with excellent R & D power.

Comprehensive service experience

The digitization of service process is realized, and pre-sales consultation, transaction and after-sales technical support can be completed online. Further capture market opportunities and improve customer experience.

One stop harness solution

Professional design, professional products, professional team and after-sales service.

Our vision

Responsible harness supplier

Why work hard

Create value for customers and provide opportunities for employees.

Development history

Since its establishment in 2016, shungal brand has experienced great events

  • 2021 Establish sales network

    Online official website + official flagship store + official interactive platform

  • 2020 Establish Shungal brand

    Dongguan Shungal Technology Co., Ltd

  • 2019 Set up automation workshop

    Introduction of integrated and fully automated production equipment

  • 2018 Set up production workshop

    Set up wire harness production and processing workshop

  • 2016 Start up brand

    Shungal brand was founded in Guangdong Province, China

Industry responsibility

Create a solid foundation for the science and technology industry.

Provide safe, reliable and stable products for the industry.

Employee responsibility

Building a sustainable development platform full of opportunities.

Building a business community.

Public responsibility

In awe of the cause, the product quality is responsible to the public.

Adhere to contributing to the social environment and serving the public.





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